Real Estate Investing
on the Block™

EquityCoin™ (EQTY) is the first digital token on the blockchain backed by affordable housing.

Build Long-term Wealth

Build generational wealth through real estate investing.

Earn Rental Income

Receive rental income from affordable housing.

Change Lives

All properties are designated for families facing homelessness.

How It Works

EquityCoin, Inc. is ushering in the new Sharing Equity Economy™ by developing the infrastructure needed for tokenizing real property, which allows a token holder to purchase fractions of property portfolios. To be an effective asset-backed digital token, EquityCoin was designed to encompass the following characteristics:

1. To enable legally recognized ownership of real property
2. To be freely transferable to anyone without restriction (within the framework of SEC laws and regulations)
3. To give EQTY holders rights to property cash flows

Tokenize Real Estate™

Real estate is known to be one of the most illiquid assets, although tokenization allows for instant liquidity. The rights of ownership can be easily transferred to another party or passed down through one’s will. Currently, the average exchange period of real estate is 30 days, and EquityCoin proposes to change that to 30 seconds on the Ethereum blockchain.

Next Up: EquityShare™

EquityShare is a secondary market for the purchase and sale of real estate equity on the blockchain. The process increases liquidity for the investor and provides seamless asset management for the real estate operator. There is no cost for the real estate operator to raise funds, instead, a portion of equity is granted to the EquityCoin Community.

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Vernon J

Founder and CEO

$100M+ in real estate transactions

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Beatriz Durant

Director of Property Management and Sustainability

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Akil Ash

Director of Technology (12 Years of Experience)

Venmo/PayPal alum

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Jey Van-Sharp

Chief Strategy Officer

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Michael McConnell

Director of Engagement

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